Top WOTLK Lake Wintergrasp Guide – Wrath of the Lich King Strategies and Leveling Guides

When Blizzard Entertainment announced that it was turning one of the none-battleground regions in Northrend into a region fully dedicated to World PvP, gamers around the world sat up in their seats and awaited for more news in excitement. A whole region for PvP is every gamer’s dream come true. When Blizzard next announced that it was going to be the Wrath of the Lich King Lake Wintergrasp zone that will become the World PvP region, and that it will be a wholly different PvP experience, everyone rushed to the Internet and searched what they can about Lake Wintergrasp. By now, you may already know that the World PvP experience in Lake Wintergrasp will be different because siege machines will be used, a first for WoW. You may already have read tips and tactics about playing PvP there, so I’m not going to deal with that. Instead, I am going to give you a background of the region, just in case this information might come in handy. Who knows, right?

Wintergrasp is the region where the Lake Wintergrasp is located.

The Wrath of the Lich King Lake Wintergrasp zone is located between Sholazar Basin and Dragonblight. Below it is the Borean Tundra. A frozen and desolate land, it is no surprise that the creatures that live there try to get the best out of the land. Tauren and Taunka, for example, cut holes in the Lake Wintergrasp and fish there. Lake Wintergrasp itself is only a small part of the region. It is a frozen lake, with the ice reaching several feet deep. It is said that the water beneath the ice is so cold; anyone who falls in would freeze within one minute. So, if you’re not like the Tauren who know the lake well, then you better be careful if you do pass by there. Also, it is best to remember that although the ice appears solid, and you may see some people traversing the length of Lake Wintergrasp with carts, the ice might still break.

Knowing the information above will hopefully be useful once you get to Wintergrasp and participate in the PvP action there. According to early reports, it’s going to be fierce, bloody, and totally fun. The Wrath of the Lich King Lake Wintergrasp zone will undoubtedly be filled with players armed to the teeth and ready for PvP, but if you have intimate knowledge of the battleground, then you might have an advantage over them. Knowing about your area will perhaps help you in formulating your battle plans. Hopefully, this tidbit of information about Lake Wintergrasp will come in handy once you get to do PvP. If not, then nothing is lost, except maybe a few minutes of your time in reading this article.

Ultimate Wrath of the Lich King the Kalu’ak Guide – WOTLK Horde, Alliance & Death Knight Guides

The faction group of the Kalu’ak is said to be standing in a neutral and free from biases location and standpoint. They are closely in connection with the Tuskarr race. This race is said to be existent along the expansion of territories of the Wrath of the Lich King. The Tuskarr people that compose their race are said the walrus people that are of humanoids type that resides in the Northrend. They are also at times seen outside of the Northrend location.

Overview of this Faction Group

To get to know what this faction is able to stand in the game of the Wrath of the Lich King, the following key points must be known to online gamers and characters. The culture of the Kalu’ak is believed to be generally focused on fishing as well as whaling. The ability of a member to catch even a single fish is believed to be guide morally. The female character of this faction is the one who farms the minimal crops which is believed to grow in tundra land. On the other hand, they are also the one responsible in gathering the berries and the roots of the land.

Their civilization also includes the animal husbandry. The Tuskarr people also feed penguin animals as a farm pet. The humanoids people of this faction physically appeared solidly along with its thick trunks as well as wide shoulders. They usually wear oilskin jackets covered with warm furs. They have dull head and hairless also. Their two tusks are great which points down in respect to their upper jaw. Do not be afraid with the members of this faction since their faces are very expressive and very friendly.

Habitat of this Faction

The following are places where this faction usually resides:

1. Borean Tundra- This place is located on the western part and considered to be the homeland of the Tuskarr. It is believed to be an empty ice and very isolated.

2. DragonBlight- It is on the northern part and known to be as the graveyard place of the dragons. Those humans who died from the plague are said to be buried also in this place.

3. Howling Fjord- It is a place wherein dark forest and open plains greatly comprises the area. This is the last place where the Kalu’ak resides.

WotLK Gold Making Guide – 7 Excellent Gold Making Tips For The World Of WarCraft Zones In Northrend

I’m pretty sure you know how risky it is to buy gold from the online sellers. That’s against Blizzard’s rules and if your transfer is intercepted, you can get banned. Also, many gold sellers have keylogger on their sites and there’s a high chance to get your account hacked if you enter one of those sites. So, if WoW gold becomes a problem, the best alternative is a WotLK gold making guide.

Now, I don’t have the time to write a full WotLK gold making guide here, but I surely can reveal a few nice gold making tips. So, here are 7 tips to make gold in the WotLK zones.

1. If you’re going to farm on humanoid mobs, choose the ones that drop Relics of Ulduar. Even if now this reputation can be leveled via Emblems of Triumph, these reputation items are still on high demand.

2. If you have skinning, always choose a spot where you can get more than Borean Leather and Arctic Fur. For example, all the proto-drakes drop Icy Dragonscales and mammoths drop Chunk o’Mammoth used in cooking. Extra valuable items will bring you extra money.

3. If you’re gathering, choose an area with high accessibility, like Wintergrasp for example. You don’t even need a flying mount to gather herbs or minerals here. Of course, without one the competition will always be ahead of you and you won’t be so effective as a gatherer without an epic flying mount.

4. Engineers can now salvage re-usable parts from mechanical mobs in the game. So, basically engineering can be used now as skinning, you only have to pick a camp with golems or robots. They drop plenty of valuable engineering parts, like Cobalt Bolts, Overcharged Capacitors etc.

5. The fifth tip that I’m going to reveal in this short WotLK gold making guide, stands for fishing. Every zone in WoW had a required fishing skill, but since that has been removed, everyone can make nice gold by fishing in the waters of Northrend with no more than 1 fishing skill level. However, to avoid catching junk, you must throw your lures in schools of fish.

6. Frost Lotus is a valuable flower that can drop from any herb node in Northrend. In Wintergrasp though, Frost Lotus can be found separately. So, if you’re a herbalist and you’re after this herb, Wintergrasp is the zone to choose. Make sure that you have 450 in herbalism, though.

7. The last tip I will share in this brief WotLK gold making guide refers to daily quests. There are quite many quests of this kind in Northrend and if you manage to create a certain route solving many dailies in the shortest time possible, this can be an excellent way to make gold.

I hope these tips helped. However, if not, I can only recommend you a complete WotLK gold making guide.

600 Gold Per Hour Farming Fish Feasts in WotLK

The Fish Feasts are one of the best cooking buffs, and the most used raid buff given by cooks. You can make a lot of gold just farming the fish needed for the Fish Feast.

But of course you’ll need to know exactly what to fish and where to go, right? Well that’s where this quick guide will come into play.


Fishing Skill 400+

Fishing Pole

Lures that give you extra fishing.

(Find Fish, this ability really really helps)

Fish Feasts Materials

1x Northern spice

2x Musselback Sculpin

2x Glacial Salmon

2x Nettlefish

So the idea here is to fish up as many of the fish as possible, then to list them on the Auction House for a huge profit. Some servers may not even have anyone actively farming these, in which case you can make twice as much gold.

Musselback Sculpin

Really the only place worth mentioning is Lake Kum’uya Northeast of Warsong Hold. It has a 90% drop rate, and each node has 3-5 catches in it.

Glacial Salmon

Easily caught in the rivers of Grizzly Hills. It’s easiest to ride or fly along the river that runs north from the east side of Venture Bay then up to the lakes on the north side of the zone.


Fish up some of the Nettlefish Schools in Sholozar Basin, just follow the rivers and you will find plenty.

In just one hour you can easily catch enough fish for 20 or more fish feasts for yourself. I’ve found that you can easily list the stacks on the Auction House for 20g or more profit.