Top WOTLK Lake Wintergrasp Guide – Wrath of the Lich King Strategies and Leveling Guides

When Blizzard Entertainment announced that it was turning one of the none-battleground regions in Northrend into a region fully dedicated to World PvP, gamers around the world sat up in their seats and awaited for more news in excitement. A whole region for PvP is every gamer’s dream come true. When Blizzard next announced that it was going to be the Wrath of the Lich King Lake Wintergrasp zone that will become the World PvP region, and that it will be a wholly different PvP experience, everyone rushed to the Internet and searched what they can about Lake Wintergrasp. By now, you may already know that the World PvP experience in Lake Wintergrasp will be different because siege machines will be used, a first for WoW. You may already have read tips and tactics about playing PvP there, so I’m not going to deal with that. Instead, I am going to give you a background of the region, just in case this information might come in handy. Who knows, right?

Wintergrasp is the region where the Lake Wintergrasp is located.

The Wrath of the Lich King Lake Wintergrasp zone is located between Sholazar Basin and Dragonblight. Below it is the Borean Tundra. A frozen and desolate land, it is no surprise that the creatures that live there try to get the best out of the land. Tauren and Taunka, for example, cut holes in the Lake Wintergrasp and fish there. Lake Wintergrasp itself is only a small part of the region. It is a frozen lake, with the ice reaching several feet deep. It is said that the water beneath the ice is so cold; anyone who falls in would freeze within one minute. So, if you’re not like the Tauren who know the lake well, then you better be careful if you do pass by there. Also, it is best to remember that although the ice appears solid, and you may see some people traversing the length of Lake Wintergrasp with carts, the ice might still break.

Knowing the information above will hopefully be useful once you get to Wintergrasp and participate in the PvP action there. According to early reports, it’s going to be fierce, bloody, and totally fun. The Wrath of the Lich King Lake Wintergrasp zone will undoubtedly be filled with players armed to the teeth and ready for PvP, but if you have intimate knowledge of the battleground, then you might have an advantage over them. Knowing about your area will perhaps help you in formulating your battle plans. Hopefully, this tidbit of information about Lake Wintergrasp will come in handy once you get to do PvP. If not, then nothing is lost, except maybe a few minutes of your time in reading this article.

Ultimate Wrath of the Lich King the Kalu’ak Guide – WOTLK Horde, Alliance & Death Knight Guides

The faction group of the Kalu’ak is said to be standing in a neutral and free from biases location and standpoint. They are closely in connection with the Tuskarr race. This race is said to be existent along the expansion of territories of the Wrath of the Lich King. The Tuskarr people that compose their race are said the walrus people that are of humanoids type that resides in the Northrend. They are also at times seen outside of the Northrend location.

Overview of this Faction Group

To get to know what this faction is able to stand in the game of the Wrath of the Lich King, the following key points must be known to online gamers and characters. The culture of the Kalu’ak is believed to be generally focused on fishing as well as whaling. The ability of a member to catch even a single fish is believed to be guide morally. The female character of this faction is the one who farms the minimal crops which is believed to grow in tundra land. On the other hand, they are also the one responsible in gathering the berries and the roots of the land.

Their civilization also includes the animal husbandry. The Tuskarr people also feed penguin animals as a farm pet. The humanoids people of this faction physically appeared solidly along with its thick trunks as well as wide shoulders. They usually wear oilskin jackets covered with warm furs. They have dull head and hairless also. Their two tusks are great which points down in respect to their upper jaw. Do not be afraid with the members of this faction since their faces are very expressive and very friendly.

Habitat of this Faction

The following are places where this faction usually resides:

1. Borean Tundra- This place is located on the western part and considered to be the homeland of the Tuskarr. It is believed to be an empty ice and very isolated.

2. DragonBlight- It is on the northern part and known to be as the graveyard place of the dragons. Those humans who died from the plague are said to be buried also in this place.

3. Howling Fjord- It is a place wherein dark forest and open plains greatly comprises the area. This is the last place where the Kalu’ak resides.